Destiny Launch Play Date




The Destiny launch is right around the corner. The game comes out (as I’m sure you all know) on September Ninth at twelve o’clock. This is the perfect opportunity for us to join up for the first time and play through the story mode. (I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t need sleep) As @Auth suggested, I will be compiling PSN names of people for the release. This way we can hook up easy in case the clan system isn’t up to par. What are your thoughts on activities and who is down?

These are the members of the Destiny clan. These are their PSN names.
and of course virgindestroyer7 (because you have to destroy 7 virgins to have that label…)

Introduce Yourself (the old huge thread)
Introduce Yourself (the old huge thread)

I will be on at midnight for hours of shooty goodness.
PSN is droul01


Accepted your request. I’m going to find as many people as I can.


Reposting for visibility:

Mine’s Aeiros; let’s be friends :smiley:


Yeah anyone can add me as well.I recently got Destiny light bar covers for my controllers so you know its time to get serious.

PSN: The_Grumbles


my psn is sennish


I sent the request


unfortunately I must sleep for I have work that morning, but I will be on in the afternoon. hopefully not everyone will have passed me up by that point.


You won’t be alone. I have school that day but I’m off Friday-Sunday to try and catch up :wink:


Yeah I have an internship at 8:30 till four that day. But I dont need sleep.


I have become an old man, I treasure my sleepy time.


How are you guys planning to get on right at midnight? Is PSN offering pre-download if purchased from PSN?


I’m already on that list Dynamible. I’ve pre-ordered through PSN, which means I won’t be getting access till 3am EST (release is 12am PST) which is unfortunate for me. I plan on getting some sleep early that day, and waking up for 3am PST so that I can game till 8am at which point I’ll be heading to work.

Anyways, NVS_1 is my PSN ID.


I’m not sure. I thought I had saw a pre download but Idk where.


Already on what list? I didn’t know I can’t play till three. I got the digital guardian edition.


You posted a list of names above, just confirming you had me is all.

But yes, if you’re East Coast, you won’t be able to play till 3am as they unlock it at 12am PST. I hope this changes, however we’ll just have to wait and see.


Apparently you can pre-load if purchased through PSN at least:

Pre-load pre-ordered content
Beginning with Destiny, all pre-order titles added to the PlayStation Store after 4/30/14 will have the pre-load functionality. This lets you rest easy knowing that your game will be ready to play as soon as the game launches. Additional information on the first wave of pre-load titles is available here.
Please note:
Only titles designated as having pre-load functionality at the time of pre-order purchase can be pre-loaded.
Pre-loading does not grant early access to the game; it simply loads it up to several days prior to its release so you’re able to play on its release date.
Automatic downloads must be enabled for your PS4 to pre-load your game. Follow the instructions in the section above for instructions on how to make sure this feature is enabled.


Went ahead and added everybody on our Destiny PSN list above.


I sent friend requests to everyone as well.


I assume that you’re M89 then? I accepted, but had no idea who it was haha.