Destiny: Loading times



I’ve been playing Destiny on the 360 and the load times are sometimes 3-4 minutes long. Is this the case on PS4 or XB1? It’s killing me to the point where I feel like it’s a chore to play.


Destiny load times are notoriously long. They’re pretty annoying even with an SSD on PS4.


Ok, It’s just ruining the fun with the hurry up and wait act. The game play and story so far have been fun, but it feels like about 30% waiting.


I wouldn’t say they’re that long on PS4. Normally less than 30 secs for me.


I was assuming “3-4 minutes” was a bit of hyperbole due to frustration. If they’re actually, literally, 4 minutes of loading then yeah that is way way too long.


I see a lot of “ship over earth” with no dialog and some catchy music. I’ll time it out a few times to verify my experience. (I have been able to go get a soda, or run up to my office for some paperwork during the load times…)


My conspiracy theory on this subject is this:

The load screens initialing served as the background for the story dialogue and if memory serves they were timed just about right. I think that the load screens are still timed to play long enough for that dialogue to play, even though you don’t get the story dialogue on subsequent loads.

Just my thoughts.


dunno… in four loads it took between 30 and 150 seconds, with 60 seconds being the average. I wonder if it is the XB360 hardware limitations…


A lot of people think that. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were just too lazy to make the load screens longer after the story is done.