Destiny Name Swap Xbox

Dusk Ninja5

I’ve added everyone. Please let me know if I missed anything.


A for Anarchist

Everyone is added!

Add me on here too guys.


Bumping because of an earlier delete that hid my Gamertag (wasn’t sure if I was getting it for the Xbox One as well) but I am so feel free to add!

I moved a post to an existing topic: How are you planning on spending time in game?

Mine is Cloudrae

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I edited my post for that thread. thanks for the move. I didnt know if i should post there or here as we are the few Xbone players.

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Hello everyone! It was suggested to me that we, the Xbox players, should post our available times and game goals to the thread How are you planning on spending time in game?


Please add me, GT: TheKuses

This thread needs more love.

I added eveyone, sorry I don’t love you guys enough :wink:

Any 360 players?

Add me Trois Maximus.

@iamkrillin Is Alive!!!

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lazysback965. I don’t have a lot of time to play, but I am looking to get into strikes and raids once I hit max level. I will mostly be on during the week.

I’m on the 360.

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Brogdan, also on the Xbox 360. I’ll upgrade to the Xbox One sometime down the road when it’s more in the budget. Thankfully buying it early on Xbox 360 unlocks the game for both.

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Sweet I got your friend request! I’m glad there are still people around who haven’t abandoned the good ol’ 360! See you on live!

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You can find the Xbox gamertag swap list here.

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