Destiny night fall and raid


Hey guys I used to raid with you all in the old destiny having a bit of a hard time getting in sync with the strats clan. Haven’t raided or done a night fall yet was hoping to see what you guys have schedule wise. I play on PS4


So I would say at least 90% of the clan is on PC. :grimacing:


Oh I have PC too but haven’t given it a shot yet it came for free with my graphics card maybe one of these days I’ll hop on it to play with you guys but if anyone is on PS4 let me know


I have both, but most of my play as of late has been PC. I’ll for sure hit you up when I get back on ps4, not sure when exactly that is though.


How do I join the clan on PC as well I have both versions I will start mixing my time up between the two so that I don’t fall super far behind when the expansion comes out


Did you link your account with Bungie? Assuming so you can go here and click Join Clan on Battle.Net

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