Destiny NORMAL Mode King's Fall Raid 10/30/2015 9pm ET (FULL)



Post here if you are interested in doing the KF raid on normal difficulty this Friday night.


  1. Be 290+ light
  2. Know the mechanics, so all we have to do is assign roles and not have a tutorial session. My best time for Normal mode in one sitting is 2.5 hours. We had one newbie. There are lots of resources out there that tell you how to do the raid.

Sign Up:

  1. @ohnokenzilla
  2. @Droul
  3. @spectrum21
  4. @olliejmo
  6. @Sarathil


  1. @teachingfellow
  2. @BarryBillericay


yessir…sign me up!


Some people had shown interest in chat last night, so I’ll tag for sign ups:

@Fyrefly21 (out)
@Smasher225 (out)
@BarryBillericay (alternate)


@Fyrefly21 and I are probably out, it’s our comic con and I’m going Friday. So I’m 100% out sorry guys.



@olliejmo (in)
@spectrum21 (in)
@NVS_1 (out)
@Jussblaze2411 (out)
@teachingfellow (alternate)
@Wheatception (wheatums!)


I would love to Raid on Friday, but my video game privileges are only monday-thursday. I’m on borrowed time on weekends and don’t foresee this weekend allowing me to play any games. However next weekend may be a different story but hopefully I can do something sooner then Friday. Thanks for including me tho.


I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow (Florida), and will be gone until Tuesday. I’ll be looking to run the Raid Wednesday at around 6:30pm if anyone will be available for then.


Have a great vacation! I won’t be on for any significant time until Friday.


Sure, i should be able to make this.


I’m down for that


I’m not 100% sure what my schedule on Friday looks like right now, but if I’m free I’d be down to help out.


Let me know ill be on tonight add Jussblaze2411 i’m getting a group together have you done the raid before @NVS_1


Please put me down as an alternate, too.


I won’t be on tonight unless it’s late. My gf is just getting off nights, so generally spend the evening with her as I haven’t really seen her for the past couple days.

That aside, I’ve completed the Raid successfully a total of 1 time. I would say I’m comfortable with the mechanics though (Fast / competent player imo) so it shouldn’t be an issue. I wouldn’t say I’m able to sherpa, but you tell me what my role is, and it’s done.


Hey @WantedDOA85 we have the Halloween party on Friday… Are you still planning to do the raid? Let me know


Yes, we’re planning on raiding this Friday. Have a great Halloween party!

EDIT Oh you were talking to Wanted, my bad.


Lol well is his party so I’m coming along :grin: Thanks Ken


I’d love to be there I will talk to the wife!


Yup :wink:


After looking at my schedule, I should definitely be available tonight if anyone needs me. I’ve got a checkpoint at the Sisters if that helps.