Destiny Normal Raid Saturday - Oct 24 - 2100 EST



Looking for some folks to run the raid on normal this weekend. @Droul, @ohnokenzilla, @olliejmo, showed some interest last night. Let me know and I’ll update this post.

5. @patrick_860

Possible: @JohnOnTheRocks

@patrick_860 is a friend of mine that just joined, I haven’t confirmed that he will be able to play Saturday night, but I do know he wants to do the Raid, he’s never done it before.


I’m in.


If I magically get to 290 I’m in


I can probably show up, I’ve got my titan to do so depending on schedule I’ll be there.


im in


That makes 6!


I have yet to run the raid… I’d like to hop on this weekend, although I’d prefer to do it earlier then 8pm EST, maybe sometime in the afternoon? If not, I’m available later at night (01:00am ?)


Sunday afternoon is a possibility, @NVS_1!


I have a 2nd titan that could run another on sunday. Also have a close to 40 hunter that if I can get geared I’d also like to run with, but I doubt she will be ready before next week.


what time is this happening?


2100 EST, which is 9pm. So, an hour.


Learn to read Smasher :stuck_out_tongue:


So, I wasn’t able to join you guys on this, but I started a raid earlier on. I have a warpriest checkpoint now. Probably looking to finish it tomorrow afternoon.


Great! What time?