Destiny Officer Recruitment



This is ME

Destiny is a huge launch that will bring many members to our community. There is much that still needs to be done to have a successful launch. To help combat this, I am looking for two officers for the Destiny clan.


These officers must be able to assist with various tasks such as;

  • Recruitment
  • Member management
  • Project leading
  • Solving group problems
  • Leading events

If you think you can step up to the task and help us build a great section of this community let me know. These duties will be evolving and growing as our position in Destiny changes. If your interested please respond in this thread.


This is will be an interesting undertaking with this being the first Strats guild/clan that is console based. I know we have quite a few seasoned community members that would do really well in one of these positions. Looking forward at seeing who steps up for this. You might want to consider picking up a third officer that will be playing on the XboxOne side of the house to oversee things over there.


I’m always willing to help but truth me told I don’t know how active I’ll be in regards to recruitment / management, etc. I play often, but I also lead a busy social life, haha.

Anyways, as always willing to help wherever you need.


I know i’m new but i’m enthusiastic about being able to help pull things together and smooth it out even if it’s not for an officer position. I have had past experience leading raids in WoW, community management and recruitment not so much but something I can learn, I can easily handle scheduling and managing events, raids, strikes etc. Certain days I will need off if something calls for it, but I will be playing often. All in all I think I could do a good job as a helping hand. Think about it. Any questions i’ll be ready to answer.


I would like to volunteer my services. I led the Wildstar guild of Strats from launch and have multiple mmo leadership experience. I am very excited about Destiny and would love to help in any way possible. I know how Strats works and willing to set up and lead fire teams and end game content. I am home 24/7 and will be available anytime as I plan to be on Destiny a lot. I’m more interested in the PvE side of the game but willing to do PVP ad well. I’m not the best at the game but I can provide a strong leadership background and would love to serve Strats again in an officer role. References available upon request :wink:


I think we week start with droul for now. For now I need help with recruitment and organization for launch and you have experience with that.


I think you will fit the bill nicely. I am going to ad you to both to the Admin position in the clan. What is your user name on the Bungie?


My Bungie user name is Wadewilson94


My Bungie user name is Droul01


I figured it was the same as your psn