Destiny Officer Recuitment


Oh Shit, That’s Right

I’m looking for two officers, one for Xbox and one more for PS4. With Destiny being such a hot title for Strats we need leadership to help guide the community and grow us even further. I would like each Officer to take a task to complete each week that will help us grow as a community. I would like an officer to create a weekly update something like this. I would an officer to take over recruitment and start messaging people on Reddit and other outlets. These positions are going to take Strats to another level in Destiny and I need your help to get it there.

My Requirements

  • Must be able to participate in the community
  • Must be able to meet once a week
  • Must be able to take the reins on projects

Strats Standards

All officers must be able to meet Strats standards on leadership.

Apply Below


I volunteer @SkullKontrol for this “honor” haha😉


I’m flattered but I manage teams for a living and on my off time, I like setting stuff up but not being accountable to a community.

You are my favorite swede @Sovereign I will make it up to sweden one day, we can go around looking for vikings to fight, maybe in Norway. And then goto SommerFest and chase swedish girls.


Bump of hope