Destiny Patch Today


We’re getting some inventory solutions and guaranteed treasure keys woot woot! Also, no more zoning for extra chest opening.


So excited about these patch notes… also the changes to the elder cipher is great but makes me sad because now i realize why my friends got the quest from skolas but i did not :frowning: Looks like ill need to kill him again >.<


I’m really thinking about doing Iron Banner this go around.


Great news about the keys. I plan on being on tonight around 8 ET, hope to see you guys!


If anyone wants, I’m new to Destiny and have it for the Xbox One.
If you want to play and help me out some my gamertag is iAddison (Or was it MrAddison? o.o)
I don’t have voice for Xbox One yet though.

I am completely fine if none of you wants to play Destiny with me,
I’ve got loads other games I love on here for PC XD


I’m on the PS4, currently sending poor Guardians to Sithis. Add me up and jump in!


Hope to be on tonight. I’m going to be working late but want to at least do a nightfall or 2.


I’m pretty excited about this patch. Also this weeks nightfall looks ridiculously easy.


@blinkbrac: Bliiiiinky have you seen this yet?! :smile:


I hope to be on at 8pm CST. Probably play for two hours or so. Oversoul Edict, comin through!


Hey @MrAddison, sorry but I’m on PS4. @LambChopSoldier was looking for people on Xbox, earlier.

So says you! I’m not sure I’ve done anything with a burn, so not sure how that’ll go. There isn’t any armor that protects against specific damage types, right? Or at least I don’t have any.



Nightfall is Aksor with Arc Burn, Solar Burn, and Small Arms. 365 Fatebringer crits for 11k damage.
Heroic is Omnigul with Brawler.

32 PoE is Qodron, 34 PoE is Kaliks.

Variks sells a STR helmet and a pulse rifle.


Nope, unfortunately your armor is your armor as normaly. Nothing special to help protect against the burm. Definately have to be more careful (Get one shot, etc.) but you’re going to do insane amounts of damage if you wish solar / arc weapons especially if you have a solar / arc primary since primary’s do extra damage as well.


I see them first thing in the morning when they post them. I’m a bungie stalker. :flushed:

BTW I’ll be streaming tonight(as always) doing nightfalls and PoE. any high enough is willing to join.


I got to Rank 2! This is my match history. I had the emblem, class item, shader, and the Tempered buff.


Care to explain what the colors and info graphics mean? I am quite curious as to the intent of this mysterious paper.


Each circle has an outer ring of 5 sections, one for each of the 5 medallions I can get. I fill in the inner circle if I won a round, it’s blue if I redeemed some medallions along with the win. :smiley:

I can give you a copy of the PDF file if you want to print one too :slight_smile:


The commitment is real