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Hi, I’m Karl, 31 from the UK. Just bought the game and so far enjoying it. I work as a manager for an online retailer and pretty much grew up with computers since the age of 5. I’ve played a wide rage of games which include SWTOR, Elder Scrolls online, EVE (still play this), Secret World, World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. I even had a go of Defiance for the PS3 which I find similar to Destiny.

I’m interested in joining the PS4 Destiny clan, but have not got a clue how or where to do this, or even if I have wrote his post in the correct forum.

If this is ok hit me up in game, my id is SBV_Sichert.



Hi Karl welcome! Here you can find the link for the Destiny clan. Just hit request to join. Once you are in all you have to do is select “Set as Playstation Clan”. It’s that simple! It will show up right away in game. If you have any other questions or need help within Destiny you can add me on PSN: Nubhugs


Thanks, I’ve just done that, see you all in game at some point!


The other day my wife came into the kitchen and said “You have a friend request from Nubhugs.”

She seemed bothered that I might be hugging a nub.


Welcome Karl, we are a community of mature like minded players. I think you will find what you are looking for in Strats.


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