Destiny Playthrough =)



Hey guys, new to Strats AND to Destiny. I never played destiny until just today (9/16/15).

Currently my character, which is a hunter, is level 10. Now I noticed that there are a few Destiny players on these forums as well but if anyone wants to play along with me that would make the game more enjoyable. I’d also be streaming the game as well (as I feel that a stream is much more enjoyable if it’s playing with other people; it allows for more interaction). I’m also up for multi-streaming with other Destiny streamers but only if you wanted ^_^. I’ll be doing another stream of Destiny around 4:00~5:00p.m on Thursday (Today) so I hope I can have some fellow players join.

My PSN is AlexFalkor- if anyone is interested.


Welcome to Strats, friend request incoming!


I just started playing too. It’s pretty fun. I play on the 360 though cause Im more of a PC guy and haven’t gotten a next gen. You play anything on the PC at all?


Sure do. I try to keep up-to-date when it comes to multiplayer games on the P.C so I’m sure I have a lot of games for the P.C that we could play together.

I know when Blade & Soul hits America (in october) that I will be making a guild…hmmm perhaps I can make a Strats guild or something for fellow streamers/gamers


You should try Ark, a few of us are really big into it right now.


I actually do have ARK =). It kinda gets dull on a non-pvp, as you can really learn the ins and outs of the game pretty fast. Pretty much had a 3-story building with generators and what not because of how easy it was to just take my time.


We have our own server, you should join us


Sure! Just send me name and I’ll look into it (before my stream or after it)



Welcome man. We have a big destiny community, and growing. I might be able to help you this weekend. A lot of us will be on tonight(including myself). I will be using my time to get raid ready for tomorrow. But always great to see a fellow guardian. I’ll send you a friend request tonight.


Awesome! Thank you very much =)

Apologies for not being able to respond sooner. Ran into the restriction thingy that limits your responses but for now it seems to be good xD.

Update on the Playthrough: So i’m Lvl 22 and ended the stream with 10hrs on the clock xD. I probably could’ve finished sooner but UGH that one quest though was giving me an issue (Until i realized a better area to finish it <___<;;; )


Just wait until end game quests. :wink:


So I defeated Oryx, The Taken King, and I gotta say…that ending sorta put a bad taste in my mouth. I was expecting the a Strike Mission to be “The End” but no, I just fought him 1v1 and he just died that simple.

On the bright side I am now lvl 37, 3 levels away from 40 and my light level is almost 200.

I know my light might seem low but now that i’ve reached the end I’m pretty much up for doing Raids / Strikes / Arena’s / or even the Crucible


The raids and end game content are where it’s at. And FYI oryx is not dead yet. Kings fall raid


Honestly, I enjoyed the last story mission against Oryx and it was similar to The Sunless Cell strike although you can see a bit more. But ya Oryx isn’t dead yet, that’s where the Kings Fall Raid comes into play.


I know he wasn’t dead. I got a diablo 3 feeling when i saw his cough Soul Gem.

It just…it was unexpected. You beat him, he laughs, then he just blast himself in the chest and~~~ end scene. That’s why I was expecting more from “the ending”.

At least I got the raids to look forward to


And there is more story type info in the quest like “the taken war” quest and when you beat the raid.


Lots and lots of story. I am super surprised and the number of misions I haven’t done yet because they are hidden in quests.


I don’t know. Sorry if i’m sounding really critical towards this. I’m just a really story driven kind of guy so when I play games I expect things like “Foreshadowing” or more drama moments.

Like the whole “Queen dieing”. I might of actually felt bad for her death if I had more interaction with her.

The stranger? She is never brought back up during the Taken King, even though she helped you out so much in the original Destiny campaign. These things to me are critical for me getting more ‘in-depth’ with the game but I put that aside when I told myself the main focus of this game wasn’t originally the story but the Multiplayer with other people and the gameplay content.


We haven’t seen the last of the Queen or the Exo Stranger, pretty sure. We have prolly 2 more DLC’s until Destiny 2 next year.