Destiny pre order question?!



So I pre-ordered from gamestop. I know there is some reward for doing so in game but is the code going to be in the box or should i have gotten it on my receipt. Anyone else know?


Should be in the box, like a DLC pamphlet or something of the sort.


Thanks man!


No worries


It’ll either be in the box, or on your receipt when you pick the game up. Just don’t crumple up the receipt when you get it just in case.


It will be the receipt when you pick it up. Standard periodical.


yep, the receipt tis the Gamestop way. Just make sure it’s there before you leave. It should auto print onto the receipt, but it’s Gamestop. The seller person should point it out to you, if not, ask.


So its not on the receipt when I pre-ordered it it should be there when I pick it up, that’s the general consensus?


Yup. That’s what happens 98% of the time. (I’m a former gamestop SGA).


so, not having gone to midnight launch before (Mostly a PC gamer so D/L is my go to) would you guys advise I show up at 10:00pm as I was instructed in a text message from Gamestop? Or just show up at 12:00?


Don’t show up at 12 or you’ll be at the end of the line. Show up by 11:30 or so to get rung up early so at midnight you can grab your copy and go. If you get there earlier you can hang out with people and maybe get some free stuff like lanyards.


I’ve only ever picked up a few games at midnight, but the experience has been the same each time…

Kid in front of me in line "Dude, I wish my dad was as cool as you. He would never stand in line at midnight to get a game for me. "

I just kinda look at my feet and say “Yep, that’s me Dad of the year.”


Lmao your just sitting there like I wish they enforced the m for mature …


The last “midnight release” I attended was The Burning Crusade. My friends and I were pushing 30 at that time and struggling to even stay up that late when we had to be at work by 7:00 the next morning anyway.

When we realized we were easily the oldest people there by 10 years or so, it was determined that missing a few hours really isn’t that big a deal.


This is exactly how I’m gonna feel. lol
But I’ve already determined to get it that night so I can come straight home from work on Tuesday and play.


What’s in the Boooooox!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Calm down Mr. Pitt