Destiny - PS4 - 10 Sep 2014 2030 (8:30 pm) EST


I plan on hopping on tonight ^^^ details in the title. I would like to have two people in my Fireteam.

At this point in the game I don’t care about class. I’m a level 5-6 (I think) and I’m open to play just about any mission that fits my level. I’m even open to replaying some missions if need be.

EDIT: I have an Elders Meeting at 2300 (11:00 pm) EST, so I’ll have to depart the team about that time.

Fire Team:

See ya in game.

Farming strikes / weekly strike tonight PS4
New to strats co
Fireteam for the record they want u off the record
Invite or be invited

I"ll be on some time after i get home around 6pm EST. I plan to spend all of my night on Destiny and your welcome to join up with me. Currently lvl 6 i think.


I don’t want to hold you up from putting a team together before I get on. If I don’t get 2 I’ll check in on you when I login.


Well I don’t mind replaying missions or just doing Patrols, so if you see me online hit me up if you need another to fill your fireteam.
(That goes for anyone really)


I’ll keep you in mind. Thanks brother.


I unfortunately won’t be on until around 1am or so, and only for a couple hours. If you happen to be online then great, but if not hope you find a group and happy fragging!


I’ll keep my eyes open for you, feel free to join on me also, or invite me to a party chat.


I plan to be on tonight, provided nothing else comes up to pull me away. Willing to team up with anyone that wants to, however it goes.

PSN again is jwilphl


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