Destiny PS4 September 10 any time PST


Hey lvl 17 just started Venus wanting to get a fireteam with mics together. Let me know or just send an invite. I don’t mind replaying some missions or just messing around on patrol.

PSN: CEvans321


I’m in a meeting right now, but once we’re done I’d be down to put down some hate. I’m a bit ahead of you in story I think, but I’m all about a bit of replaying in the interest of being in a quality group :wink:

Edit: Wait…how are you 17 and starting Venus. I thought Venus was up to 14-15ish? Lots of Crucible?


Lots or meandering…I was trying to progress with one of my buddies but he is a bit more busy so I am ratcheting the difficultly to hard. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner but I’ll be on tomorrow evening too if you are around.