Destiny Raid 9/16


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Potential Parties

September 16, 6:00 PM EST - PS4

  • @Moro (Moro_drake on PSN), level 25 Titan
  • @Hi_Voltg3 (Hi_Voltg3 on PSN) level 26 Titan. Have Defender maxed out, working on Striker
  • @WrongGear (PSN Albee357) lvl 25 Defender Titan
  • @Ataraxx13 (PSN: Ataraxx13) level 26 Sunslinger Warlock
  • @Brutonium (PSN Brutonium) lvl 26 Titan Striker maxed Defender very close to max.

September 16, 7:00 PM PST - PS4

  • @Beebes (PSN: BeebusMaximus) Level 25 Sunslinger Warlock

@Hi_Voltg3 (Hi_Voltg3 on PSN) level 26 Titan. Have Defender maxed out, working on Striker.

Very nice! Please enter your information in the Wiki post for the time your free!

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Add yourself to the roster where you think you will be able to play.

I`m off all day tommorow, I currently have a Level 17Titan, I should be 21-24 by the time this is ready.

@Cloudrae (cloudrae on XBL) Level 17 Titan

We seem to have way too many titans…

  1. Never too many titans :wink:
  2. Hopefully we can get at least 12 people to sign up and divide the groups. I see this as just signing a name on a sheet

What we don’t want is people getting left out because there wasn’t enough for another group.

True, but if everyone uses the forums we can try to organize.

I am free all day, everyday, except for this weekend. PS4: Ataraxx13

Im not going to hit level 26 by 6pm and I kind of want to do that first now, playing through some more strikes today makes me want to gear up a bit. Removed my potential group, but there were no other sign ups anyway. Later this week will probably be better.

Anyone in the 6PM group streaming?

I gotta level up first, but am interested at some point.

I have twitch set up and never streamed before but I can give it a shot. As long as it is happening that is. A clan has already beat the raid so that boss that everyone is currently stuck on is the last one to beat. They were going for 11 hours straight from what I heard. Hopefully we can take out some bosses!

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Has anyone started building a team yet for the 6 est?

We resume yesterdays raid today, September 17, 6:00 PM EST, in case anyone forget :slight_smile:

Count me in.

I might not be able to do today as I think I will be off and on.

I realized today that we stopped right at the last boss last night. Good progress for our first night I’d say.

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Is everyone still at the gatekeeper part and can we try to resume today at the same time (6:00 PM EST)?