Destiny Raid Discussion - Vault of Glass

Along with objective based PvP, Raids will require a set of prerequisites gear, commitment, light levels, teamplay and coordination. I want to start a discussion now so we can start preparing for raids.

Here is a good primer on Destiny Raids
Destiny Raids

This is a good video on Raid Lockouts
Raid Lockout Mechanics

I’m thinking guardians who are interested in raiding should consider having at least two characters or loadouts:

  1. An assault type character
  2. A support class or load out.

Please reply if you are considering raids.
We will need to discuss:
How to level each other up so we meet the level requirements.
How to get the right equipment.
How we want to approach raids in terms of sessions, do we want to break them down over several sessions? All at once?
Probably some other requisites I’m not considering.

I’ve love to hear your thoughts on raids.


I would absolutely like to get in on raids. I have some limited experience raiding in MMORPGs, but I never got to the “end game” so I’m not sure how the difficulty will compare.

As for my character, I chose Hunter during the Alpha and Titan during the Beta. I enjoyed the latter more so I anticipate rolling with a Titan first and trying to go as far as I can. I have no problem playing either a support or attacking role (in my previous experiences, I’ve done both). For those with less time, organization might be a bit more difficult, but it could certainly be scheduled out here on the forums (e.g. a plan to do X raid from 6-9 on this day, but if we don’t finish we’ll continue tomorrow at 7).

You raise some good points on how to facilitate raids for guardians with erratic schedules, we may need to utilize surveys to coordinate times.

I’m thinking ideally we would get a group of 6 or more hardcore/crazy/intense guardians to act as the forward team, and learn the mechanics of the raid. It’s my understanding that the vault of glass raid is pretty brutal, and will require puzzle and gaming skills to survive.

I’m not sure how much hype this is but Bungie is saying Raiding will be brutal.

From this Bungie News Update on Raids

Q: I read somewhere that it took 45 minutes just to open the door to the Raid, what’s the deal with that?

Luke: Sounds like that group (it was DeeJ’s!) had some communication issues.

For the majority of Raid encounters, you’re going to need to work as a group. That group of six is trying to form a metaphorical key which opens a given encounter’s lock.

Q: What about the rumor that some “clan” spent 16+ hours playing the Raid and didn’t beat it, what’s the deal with that?

Two groups made it to the final encounter. Neither group defeated it.

Q: Seriously, how long will it take, I have a life.

Luke: Because we store your progress in a given week, you don’t need to clear the activity in one-go. Your group could simply make your way into the Vault and call it an evening, reconvene later in the week and pick up where you left off.

However, your progress for the week is reset each Tuesday at the Weekly Reset.

I won’t be end-game ready for a while because my work schedule is practically 24/7 as a designer, however, always consider me willing. If my gear is at par with the rest of the raid team I’m game.

Warlock was my favourite class throughout the Beta. The class mechanics meshed with my gaming style much better than either the Titan or Hunter. When raiding, I’ll go with the Firesinger subclass for buffs and res. Otherwise I find the quick recovery Warlock’s offer great for spamming melee, grenades, and supers.

Thanks for linking the video by the way. The term lockout evaded me up until now.

I didn’t play in the beta but from looking at the classes i think i will end up playing the warlock and hunter. I have raided wow before and would think the same type of system would work in this game. That system being typically three hour blocks two nights a week. I will be available most nights for raiding and would like to be in a group that is on the hardcore side of things. Also would probably be good for people to mention which system they will be playing on. Personally i will be on the Xbox One

I have a feeling for people with unpredictable schedules who are interested in Raids, we need to approach it in a couple of layers.

  1. Work with them to help them acquire the appropriate equipment\level if applicable.
  2. Leverage surveys or polls to figure out schedules themselves.

We are probably at least 2 -4 weeks out for the most hardcore of gamers to even be at the right level to attempt a raid much less enjoy the other content Destiny has to offer.
In Beta and Alpha reach level 8 was sped up/enhanced for the purposes of the test. In the release version of the game leveling is supposed to take a bit longer than what we experienced in the Beta/Alpha.

Appreciate you contributing to the discussion so we can start thinking, planning and anticipating how we will handle raids for anyone who is interested.

@Outc4s7 I think we should consider building on what you are suggesting 3 hour blocks two nights a week. Thats 6 hours a week. That seems reasonable, but I guess we will see once the Raids are actually available. WIsh you were on PS4. :smile:

Well most of these questions cannot be answered until the game releases and the others are for the individual groups them selves to decide.

What’s most likely going to happen is the game releases everyone goes about doing their thing, teaming up for strikes and crucible matches at their own pace until they hit the soft level cap, which in this case is 20, by that time there should be a good understanding of how the equipment grind plays out. At that point either me @droul or @Dynamible will end up posting a thread on specified raid groups, picking a team of 6 that can play together at a specific time that suits them for however long is agreed upon by said group, I don’t want to shoehorn people into a specific time slot that would be inappropriate for them. Now once the team is chosen the grind to find gear and level to 25 begins this will help build coordination within the team. Once reaching the required level for The Vault they can begin their journey into said vault. By that time I predict there will be a guide available for the vault depending on the group they can choose to use it or go in blind again their choice. Whoever gets to it first would be the main group I suppose. As far as class selection for the team goes Bungie has stated that anything and everything is viable but that has yet to be seen.

Anyway that’s my two cents on how things would be most easily ran I probably forgot a few points but will correct them if they come to mind.


Well that alleviates most of my concerns! Sounds like you all are already planning to manage Raids and groups! Looking forward to it! :D:D:D

Will the raids resetting once a week having multiple characters is going to be smart. I also think it’s a good idea to have a raid consist of a common understanding of we will break this up in sessions or power through. I wouldn’t mind a Saturday to commit every now and then. From what I have read level 20 won’t take long but refining the skills and gear may take a bit.

Glad someone is thinking about this, I was just wondering about that earlier today. I think @Memento_Mori94 has it right. This game is a little different than a traditional mmo in that, besides the fact that we are going to be shooting things, its not going to require 10+ people to step into raid content.

In the mean time if you intend to lead a group into some progression content you could just tell everyone via a post here that for example on Saturdays at 7pm eastern you will form a party for cooperative play of some sort. Something that requires coordination (hard modes for example) This will get you an idea of who is actually going to be showing up regularly to the group and also get people used to working as a unit.

Exactly. If you wish to take the initiative and find a group of your own to lead by all means make a post and recruit people to play with regularly. If not I will be helping match make groups according to user preferences at the appropriate date and time, one of which will be my own.

I’d love join if possible. I’ve never done a raid but I’ve played plenty of shooters. I plan on being a Titan if that helps at all. I’m usually free most weeknight and weekends.

You’re not gonna have to worry about that for a while bud. Play the game for a bit and keep an eye out for group sign ups in the future.

Apart of being an adult is those glorious day to day responsibilities. :slight_smile: And if our core group is adults who has work or school it’ll be tough to find the right days and hours for everyone. I think if we had a poll as to which days work for people we can pin what days will be most viable, which I can assume will mostly be weekends or late evening hours during the week.

But perhaps we are jumping the gun, Destiny hasn’t even launched yet. Perhaps we should shelf this idea till we cross that bridge?

There are quite a few unknowns, really just wanted to get a discussion going, see what peoples thoughts were. :smiley:

I’ll be free for raiding and getting ready for raid play


I had no idea lockouts were a thing. It makes plenty of sense though.

It does seem to require a good amount of coordination (and patience). Are there tags we can use on this website to designate our availability/playing mentality so we can more easily find consistent groups/parties?

I think having a forward team would be great, and those members can guide the more casual players.

This is making me want to start at 3 am!

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Seems legit👍

I will be up for raids but won’t be hard core, so like the flexibility that seems to be forming here. I lean toward support characters so probably will be a defender titan with an alt warlock.