Destiny Raid Group 9/14 (Tonight) PS4



So As the title says I am looking for a raid group for tonight if you are interested let me know. A lot of people on the last thread I have already added. IF you didn’t post your gamer tag on the last thread please post it here. If you are actually interested in running the raid tonight I am 100% going to get a group together. I am hoping to kick off around 7 or 8pm tonight. (EST, Eastern Time) Also please be 294+. Looking forward to shooting shit with you guys haha

Gamer Tag: Jussblaze2411 [ps4]


I can’t be on until after 9pm EST, but I wouldn’t mind a spot. Don’t wait on me if you get a group though.

EDIT: Props on the initiative, best of luck!


I would be glad to join. Add me on PSN: djspectre
Probably couldn’t play until after 8p EST.


I would probably be down however I’m probably not going to be on until 9 est. I’ll talk to @Fyrefly21 about it as she might be interested as well. Our psn names are just our forum names.


I can go at 830 EST when I get home



just a thought…i see a few names that are in our Friday night raid group…are you going to raid with both groups or is fridays now not happening?


I plan on doing it twice. Can I do that?


Multiple times, senor @Droul, multiple times.


i totally forgot about our other characters…lol


I can come with a newly minted 40 titan but with little class abilities because of the boost…or I can bring my main titan that’s a complete legend in my own mind!!!

Either way i wont be on until at least 8:30pm est


Looks like


have interest. I say first come first serve, launch when ready.


@fyrefly21 is probably out. She works and would have to leave the raid for a bit while she goes home and sets up and everything. I’ll try to get her to fully confirm when she can.

I’m in the same boat with my titan, zero defender progress and half way through sunbreaker but I want to get a full set of raid gear for my warlock before I get my titan started


@Smasher225 is correct, I’m not even going to bring my console to work this evening as I have some school stuff to work on instead. I’ll be home by around 10:30CST though so if anyone drops later in the evening I will likely be available to step in :slight_smile:


I am down for the raid add me


I did not get my other titan to 40 for tonight…and im saving my main for fridays raid so please give my spot to Domo


Thanks for the raid guys. Made it to Oryx, super smooth. We’ll finish him off again this week for sure.


Yea great raid. I’ll be ready to take down Oryx on Friday.


Also, are we going to pick up at Oryx on Friday at 9 when the Friday raid is supposed to go down? And then roll into started the Raid again after that? What’s the plan?


Nice job guys. Looks like all the groups are starting to run pretty smoothly. Anyone doing spindle tonight?


Good job everyone on the raid. Ran into a 200 Metre tall wall but I’m sure we will be able to split off and take him down this week.

@Rellek I’m down for trying to get it tonight and I’m sure we can convince @Fyrefly21 to join lol.