Destiny Raiding Moving Forward

I am writing this post because now that the new year is over I think we need to solidify our raid teams. With the holidays everyone has just been logging on and cheese festing Crota for the most part. I understand that during the holidays we all have time off and vacation plans but I am guessing we will all be back to a normal schedule next week. I also feel we need to start getting the fights down the proper way. I am not sure how soon HM will be released but we will need to understand these fights as they were intended if we want success. I am guessing a large number of Strats have not done many of the fights properly. Also it is just more fun to actually fight. At least one of everyone’s toons should be saved for a raid group each week that looks to clear normally in my opinion.

Please feel free to input any ideas on this topic so we can better move forward as a group


Yes I’m all for doing the entire raid legit! I have a feeling Bungie is gonna fix all the cheese/bugs right before releasing Hard Mode so that hard mode will actually be hard.

Side note - I’m hoping to get a raid in Sunday 1pm EST if anyone’s interested. I’ll make a LFG thread.

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This is a great point. People are expecting hard mode to drop within the next few weeks. With that, much of the cheese is likely to be fixed. With this community we have an opportunity to build static groups that can keep together and learn it together. I’m looking forward to playing with bravo every week starting next week.