Destiny Raids (Crota and/or VoG) Tonight?



Anyone up for doing some Raids tonight? I’ve yet to complete any this week.


what time tonight?


I don’t really have a specified time.


Ok, well i’m down to do VoG


If we can find 4 more, then great.


the struggle of wanting to raid but being on percocet… #surgeryprobs


I haven’t been able to find more than 3 ppl (Including myself!) interested in raiding for the past 2 weeks :frowning:

Sidenote: Why are you on perks?


I’ll PM you my number if you ever do wanna get a group together, and I got my wisdom teeth out. lol.


Sounds great.


I’ll happily raid, but I’m a No()8 at it. I’ve been on one tower PUG that couldn’t kill Crota. I’ve a couple of friends who want to raid as well. Lvl 31 hunter, 30 warlock, and as soon as I get the marks for a chest piece, 30 titan.