Destiny Raids (VOG / CE)



Hey, is anyone looking to do some raids tomorrow? Probably sometime during the day.


Not sure who else is still playing Destiny and / or interested.


I have already cleared 3 times this week but if you have enough interest I can make myself available to help out


I’ve never done VOG, and only tried CE once and couldn’t nail crota due to PUG not coordinating well, but if you’ll have me, I’m game. I’ve another friend who’d be interested. I’m 31 hunter (or 30 warlock, and 29 titan), and my friend’s a 31 titan. @Jim_Kane might be game as well.


What time?


I’ll be on most of the day, starting in about 1/2 an hour. Gamertag is johnqrandom.


I’m around now. I did Crota normal mode last night, but need VOG (Norm / Hard) and willing to do Crota Hard.


You must be Xbox aren’t you? Just searched for ya, and can’t find you.


Yes, Xbox One.


Ah, that explains it. I’m on PS4, and couldn’t find your ID you listed. Sorry bud!