Destiny Rise of Iron

So I was on the fence about getting this because I thought I was done with Destiny after not playing for several months now, but I pulled the trigger last night and bought it. Who else will be playing? I’ll need to find some squadmates to run with and enjoy this with. Looking forward to the new story, strike, and RAID! Hopefully this will be a great DLC to finish out Destiny. I hear that a sequel to Destiny is due next year.

Are there any user experience fixes in this release?

nothing i have heard to the actual UI itself.

On a mini-blackout until later tonight, but it did appear the game was continuing the same gear progression system that Taken King adopted.

I believe there is a lot more vault space now up to 108 items for weapons armor and collectables. Also worth noting that they made the change to shaders and emblems a while back to where they no longer take up inventory space in the vault and can be deleted and recollected at their own individual collection kiosks. Other than that not too much in terms of user experience updates. I did notice that the light infusion now gives the infused gear the exact light level of the infuseie as opposed to the 70% or whatever it was when TTK launched.

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I’ve been playing all day! I’ll be online all day tomorrow as well, and I’m generally playing anyway when I’m not at work. Feel free to add me if you’re on PS4 - my PSN username is just “tmad40blue” like on Strats. Also, joining the Strats Discord will help you out tremendously with finding people to play/talk with.

There is pretty much nothing different gameplay wise. As TTK DLC, we have a bunch of reskinned enemies, particle effects, etc. Small modifications to the maps here and there as a new area to explore. The best of the best of this DLC for me so far is the Wolfs at the new Social area. The new AI system is really good, is much harder to hit with rockets as AI will dodge it 70% of the times (On my experience)

You guys have to do the BELL song and RUSH outside!! You will see all the wolves stand up and howl. Freaking Epic!

Is the DLC bad? Not at all. Is fun as long as you play it with friends. And i like how they make it a bit harder overall.