Destiny Servers

Does anyone know exactly how the servers work in Destiny?
I’m wondering if, since we are in the same clan, can we form 2-3 Fireteams and go on patrol and be sure that we will be “instanced” together?

It would be fun to get a large group and just kind of roll through the whole area, but I’m not sure that’s possible with the structure that’s in place.

You might try queuing from orbit at the same time and seeing how that does, but outside of that I’m not really sure there is a way at present.

It kinda feels like we’re missing the first M in mmo right now.


A lot of areas within a particular zone are further instanced around smaller groups. In the open areas it might work but I’m not sure Destiny is smart about grouping clanmates together like that if you’re not in a fireteam.

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Kind of what I thought.

Too bad there isn’t some way to connect fire teams together but still keep each group of 3 an independent unit.

The grouping and clan stuff in Destiny needs some serious upgrades overall.


^^ I agree 100%

I think there was a big emphasis on taking care to the 2-3 group of friends that get on and play together. I understand this is why the Fireteams are set to 3. I’m not quite sure they realized that the MMO players that have played primarily on PC would put down the mouse and keyboard and pick up a controller. At least not to the degree that we are seeing.

Seriously. I don’t they will group us, they can’t even allow us to see own members listed in game. Needs work.

Clanmates should be prioritized in the Tower too. I’d like to see a less populated Tower with only clanmates if I’m in a large clan. Allow me to toggle going to my clan Tower or something.

This way I can see who’s hanging out and wants to do something. Talk to them in proximity if I want.

then you would need proximity chat, which they also lack, unless I just missed that one.

As far as I know there is proximity chat. Unless I dreamed that.

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well if there is I have no idea how to use it and I’ve never heard anyone else use it.

Maybe I was misinterpreting the icons I was seeing around people.

No proximity chat…

Players who haven’t gotten a chance to play Destiny yet will notice you can only talk to those you have joined a Fireteam with. David Dague, who is a community manager at Bungie, talked about why Destiny players can only talk to people in their fire team when competing at The Crucible.

"We want to make sure your level of social engagement in Destiny is something that you have complete and total control over. We want you to make very deliberate decisions about the people you’re going to have on your team, and the voices that you welcome into your audio mix.

“We’ve made a lot of games over the years that have brought a lot of gamers together in social and violent [encounters]. We found that people who know each other and trust each other tend to make the best contributions to the party. I can certainly remember playing Bungie games online and other people would use their access of being able to talk to me as an opportunity to incite grief or bully me, [so that’s why we did that],” Dague said.

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and that needs a fix too because fireteam chat overides a PSN Party Chat and the quality is not as good IMO.

But I don’t want people reading this thread to get the wrong idea.
Destiny is absolutely a fantastic game and I love the crap out of it, I just like to vent about the little annoyances.

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just wanted to say that the thing I was griping about above ^^^ was either just a one-off bug or it has already been fixed. Played all night last night in a fireteam using PSN Party Chat.

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Not sure if this is just more marketing, but Deej the Bungie community manager replied to a reddit thread like this, so I’m hoping they do something to facilitate the communications needs of gaming communities

[Official Petition] Bring mic communication to Destiny by HansMannibusin DestinyTheGame
[–]DeeJ_BNG 149 points 7 days ago

There are several of these out there. We’ve heard you on this point since the Beta. You don’t need petitions to get our attention.
I’ll make promises for the team some other time. The game just launched, and our number one priority at this moment is to make sure everyone who has a copy can play.
For the time being, please know that chat is a part of our conversation about the future.

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