Destiny sherpa service 12/27/15 challenge mode




So starting on Sunday I’m going to try and get the sherpa service going for challenge mode first and foremost. If there isn’t enough for more than one run of warpriest (with sherpas and sherpees) we will continue on with the rest of hard mode with the group.

I would like to skip the totems for this week just because I don’t want to have to leave people waiting while we sherpa 2 encounters. Hopefully this will be done on both normal and hard mode depending on which people need.

Requirements for sherpas:
• have completed the warpriest challenge on hard mode
• be comfortable with doing the challenge for no rewards outside of three of coins

Requirements for sherpees:
• haven’t competed the challenge on hard
• be over 300 light for hard mode
• be over 290 light for normal mode

For normal mode we will run 3 sherpas and 3 shurpees per run and for hard mode we will be running 4 sherpas and 2 sherpees depending on who is on the run but that will be a judgement call.

I would like to start sherpaing around 5 central time but it will depend on who is on for both sherpaing and getting sherpaed.

People will only be sherpaed through the challenge once as a rule. If you have alternate toons you will only be considered on alternate toons if there is an extra slot in the group. This is only to make sure everyone gets a shot at the rewards and someone misses out because we are getting two people the rewards 3 times. Sherpas will be rotated as well depending on the number of sherpas. If there is enough to run two hard mode groups we will run two hard mode groups to get everyone the rewards.

Sign ups:

Sherpa or sherpee: (pick one)
Mode: (if can do hard please put hard)
Class and subclass:
Light level:
Alternate toons: (yes or no)
Time available:

I will be making posts for groups when they fill up. If you have any questions please ask me and I will be happy to answer them.


How on earth are people not sick if this game yet? Lol it amazes me. Don’t take that the wrong way, I’m not trying to be a D, I’m just shocked/impressed.


It’s harder to hit max light (a goal of mine) and if I can help people along the way that’s even better but I can see what you mean.


As always, I’m interested in the HM raid, especially the challenge mode this week.

My time will be limited this weekend, but I am available either tomorrow between 2pm -> 7pm, and I’m available Saturday until roughly 7pm EST.


Dang @NVS_1, you become unavailable right as I get free. Ah well, such is life.


If we can get you through it I will try my best to do so. I’m only making the sign up for sure on Sunday because I am moving into the house I’m housesitting for on Saturday, along with magic in the afternoon and potentially shopping first thing in the morning. Tonight is a possibility but also highly unlikely because of last minute things to get ready for.


I’m going to do my best to get on for this.


Do you know around what time you’ll be on?


The 5pm CST if everything goes the way I want it.

Name: ohnokenzilla
Sherpa or sherpee: Sherpa
Mode: Hard
Class and subclass: Warlock, Titan, any
Light level: 316 lock 315 titan
Alternate toons: yes
Time available: 5pm CST


We got to the sisters last night and I would like to run it again with my 2nd titan for gear upgrades if possible.

Titan Defender
Alternate toon
5pm cst


If we get more people that haven’t done it droul we will get them through the challenge first just to make sure everyone who wants to do it this week can. We can get your second through just want to give first priority to people who haven’t yet.


Anyone running the challenge before reset? I’ve yet to do it.


if you follow the first post and let us know what time you can be on @NVS_1 we can get you in for this.


Stivorz, Atrocity, and kvoth are down as well.


Warlock Void/Sunsinger/Palpatine
Late unfortunately :frowning:


It’s ok bud, while we won’t be able to get you in for this week, unless people are on doing it tonight I can’t however, we should be able to get you in for this week’s golgoroth challenge. Just let us know when you’re free and we will work something out.


Any normal mode sherpa runs tonight by chance?


I would help out but still have no ps plus. :frowning:


I would be more than happy to help you out after I get moved into my apartment Saturday. :slight_smile:


Can you do 8pm CST tonight? I’m trying to put something together. If anyone wants in, send me a PM here or on PSN. Thanks.