Destiny Speed Demons - Destiny Raid Team Olympics

Destiny Raid Teams who want to participate in the Destiny Speed Demons challenge (aka speed runs) Please post your times, smack talk, jokes, and encouragement in this thread.

All Raid Teams are invited, organized or pick up.

Teams will use a stop watch to measure just the game time, stopping the clock for load in screens, loot admiration, bio breaks, orbit to resync, is allowed. Each team is responsible for having their own clock guy. We don’t need an external proctor, ain’t that serious.

Teams should post their best times, between now and DLC or whenever we get bored with it.

At the point of DLC or when we decide, the winning team will be determined by which team has the top time. (Originally this was top 4 but for simplicities sake lets just say top time)

This is for VOG Normal, if you want to peacock go ahead and post your heroic times.

The winning team will be allowed to push @Sw1shaaSweet off any cliff using their sparrow at any speed. The winning team will forever have my awe and admiration.

Thank you for participating and I look forward to destroying your times.

Lets get it on!!!


For heroic runs we should keep the clock running even for loading screens, bio breaks, and disconnects. Make it real hardcore.

I agree on the bio breaks. If you’re not hardcore enough to consciously control your digestive system you’re not hardcore enough for my raid team!


Why am i always subject to death by sparrow!?

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You’ve just got one of those faces :wink:


I’m just going to leave this link here :wink: