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I’m not sure if anyone has found this site before, but I just came across it myself. It looks to be a work in progress, and largely is used to track your Crucible stats, but I thought it was a pretty cool site.

My profile link is - but you can find yourself there just by searching.

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Yup, this is one of the sites I use for recruiting



Very nice, didn’t even know that. I didn’t even realize it had a proper forum yet, haha.

I’m still exploring the site, however I got glued to the stats portion as I’m a bit of a stats whore myself.



How much improved is the functionality verus Bungie’s site’s in you opinion? I already frequent so many sites at this point I’m looking for an excuse to not add another :wink:



I’ll have to take a better look at it once I get home (at work, shhhh…). I think Bungies is more accurate and slightly more detailed in some instances, but this has some different stats that is laid out a bit differently.

I’d suggest checking your profile as it doesn’t require any form of registration and see what you think.



The mobile version is likely less than conducive; I’ll spend some time with it this weekend, I was just curious how in depth a go you’d had with both sites and if you’d formulated a strong opinion one way or another yet :wink:



I’ve always liked Bungies site (especially back in the Halo days - Love those heatmaps), but this one seemed to have some interesting crucible related stats. Just like you, I’ll try and poke away at it more when I’m at home, and not at work or mobile. Figured I’d just toss it out there for those stat whores like myself.

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And cheers for putting it out there :thumbsup:

Definitely take a look, there’s a Crucible-specific tab on the Bungie site. I’m wondering if they’re just taking those exact analytics with an api or crawler and just reformatting them and, if they are, whether or not the UI is improved/different.

So many questions my poor phone can’t answer :frowning: