[Destiny] STCO Clan [PS4/XB1] (PVX)

Welcome Guardians

Strats is an exclusive gaming community that is currently focused on Destiny. We aim to create an environment for mature, strategically-minded, and like minded gamers.

Our members are all over Destiny checking out all the game has to offer. We are all encompassing, by participation in all facets of the game. Our primary focus is raid teams each week and helping each other reach week/daily goals. Our community supports hardcore and casuals alike, we don’t mind teaching and learning. We put no pressure on our community, we are all here to play the game in our own way and have fun. We definitely don’t mind cheesing, but have a great time doing things legit. If this is something that you are interested in then please read on.

House of Wolves

If you are looking for a team for HOW, you came to the right place. Our community has been anxiously awaiting the content that will be released on May 19th, 2015. Join us in completing it and gaining all the new gear too.

Watch us Stream

Check out our twitch channel, we stream all types of games and have an archive of videos to watch. If interested in streaming please sign up here to join our team.

Becoming a Member or an Ally

Our clan in open to join, you easily join here on our Bungie.net page. While your there don’t forget to add us to your console of choice, you know you want that banner. We can also discuss alliances with our clan to build our communities.


  • Be Mature
  • Be active on this forum
  • Be respectful
  • Be active in party chat for Consoles or Mumble when on PC

I’m new here, what should I do?

It’s always nice to just jump right in but if you’re feeling particularly OCD about your participation here, these steps will maximize your intro to this here bad ass community of cool kids:

  1. Finish reading this!
  2. Post an introduction in the Introduction Thread
  3. If you have Steam, join the Steam Group
  4. Get in a PSN party and say, hello
  5. Browse, post, reply, like, star, make friends, 0wn n00bs (but don’t
    spell it like that).

Trust Levels

If you have signed up without an invite, you start at zero. You will be able to generate trust (automatically) by participating in discussions. You are limited to replies and can not upload new image assets. The first thing you should do is post an Introduction.

Vouched for members have an initial trust level of 1, meaning they can see most categories, reply to threads, and start new topics.

Further progression comes with the same engagement on the forums and is given automatically by the system. We use this to assess access to in-game banks, access to assets, etc.


If you have any questions or ideas you might want to start with these people.

If it’s dire and you can’t reach them try;

We Have Other Great Posts And Discussions

Share Your in Game Name

Add other clan mates to your friend lists, so we can meet up. Drop your in game names too, so we can meet up. We have two different pages one for Playstation and one for Xbox.

Get Free Stuff

Thanks to our wonderful members we have many of the Destiny codes logged, so you don’t have to dig. Oh and you can find that here.

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bumping this up for recognition.


Just sent in my request. Destiny [PS3]

I got a medal! Is this the most liked post?

Not the most liked but it has 10 likes which gets you a badge.

Nifty. I like the new badge, it makes me feel special.

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Not sure if proper thread but I have a friend wanting to join the PS4 Destiny clan. Told him to send a request on the bungie page. Name is Joey_Coz.


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Updated 10/8/2014

Updated 11/10/14

Request sent, looking forward to clearing some content.

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Hype Bump

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So It doesn’t take me to the introduction forum it says it does not exist


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I think this needs to be updated for new officers. Or maybe we can archive this and the new officers can make a new official clan thread?


Great idea. I can’t get to this until Monday afternoon at the earliest, unless Blink can come up with something. Will add to my to-do list.

If XB1 had a Destiny bundle I would buy it right now