Destiny strikes and exotic quests|bounties



I have a number of things in my quest log that I need a fire team for to get done. Will anyone be on today that can help me? I would also like to get the last 3 calcified fragments I need for my gun. If we can get 6 people on I’d like to kill atheon too for another gun. :smile: any and all help is greatly appreciated. I will also help you if you have anything you need doing!! Thanks guys


Cant be on today, too spooky. Best of luck, though.


I’ll be on and off throughout the day.


I’m having a lot of people over to day for the spooky stuff. But I’ll probs be on tomorrow (wife approval pending) and I needs to do some atheon as well


If I get on it won’t be till maybe 9-9:30 but it depends on how tired I am.


I might be on later tonight, but for sure will be on tomorrow and will help with whatever. I also need to do VoG!