Destiny tonight


Hey guys, I’m going to stream tonight and take a friend from my stream through PoE and possibly VoG. I would like to include some strats peeps. Let me know if you want to come. Starting 9ish tonight EST.

Greetings from LambChopSoldier

I’d be in, I’m level 33 hunter. I work until 9:30ish though, so I’ll probably be late to the party. I’m SloanTheSloth on PSN.


Awesome! I’m also hoping to do the level 32 PoE on my warlock. It would be easier if we had a titan with blessing though if anyone has a level 32 or better.


Sorry for dropping the ball :stuck_out_tongue: I came home late because we had to deal with a shoplifter, and then I forgot I promised my ASM that when she bought her PS4 I’d help her through VOG.