Destiny: ToO team signup



I want to do trials possibly next weekend. is there anyone that wants to get to together and do it as well? maybe try and practice throughout the week?


I would be interested in trying it out.


I am down


Okay. I’m free to practice Tuesday night, wed. During the day, maybe some days in between. We can do some practice and get some strategies going, and try it out.


Count me in man!!


@BREADFAN when will you be on for sword quest?


@blinkbrac Probably around 9pm est today.


Well I was on but everybody else was HM raiding. Hopefully soon.


I’ll be on Saturday night. I would like to run strikes and do quests, so we can do your sword then at the latest @BREADFAN.


Sorry @BREADFAN I was dog tired last night. I can try next couple nights to be on but might not make it till Saturday as well


If I’m on and see you, I will hit you up. I am probably going to take a break from Destiny for a while. Can’t make any progress and everything is HM Raid which I can’t do because I can’t make any progress. Grinding is getting old.


I’ll make normal mode a focus next week. There’s no intention to leave anyone behind.


Looks like I probably won’t be able to get on much til tomorrow night. My apartment has been doing electrical work and the power keeps cutting out


Alright so I was thinking of hitting ToO tomorrow(Saturday). So I want to try and get some PvP practice in tonight myself preferably with the people who want to team up with me. I know @Rellek wanted to do it. @spredhed we haven’t had much time to talk, didn’t know if you still wanted to. I know that @Wheatception wanted to join as well. Do we have 6 people interested in doing trials? We could have 2 teams.


I can practice tonight. I probably will not be on much over the weekend though


unfortunately the map is exodus blue. Not one of my favorites.


I’m down for today during the day! Like 11 am - 4pm CST


I won’t be on till 8.


Poo. Maybe we can get a team built and practice next week for the following weekend. Set some times and what not.


Ugh yeah next week will probably be better for me. Comcast has been a nightmare all week. Sorry guys. I switched some services with them (my contract was up) and they’ve been screwing me around and dropping signal constantly. I tried to play some reg crucible a couple times this week and the lag for me has been virtually unplayable. I’m sitting in the xfinity store right now trying to get this straightened out…