Destiny Tracker: Show Us Your Rank!

I’ve enjoyed watching my rank rise on Destiny Tracker, a resource that compiles stats by system and ranks your skill against all other users. Check it out if you have a minute, and post up your gamertag/rank if you want to flaunt it. I’ll update mine regularly.

XBOX1: Tourmalet
DT Crucible Rank: 27319
DTR PvP Score: 9582

@josef report. Show us scrubs how it is.

yea i was top 150 until i deleted my titan now im around 508 overall DTR score.

and here is the character i mainly use with stats only for it:

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That’s awesome dude! Way to go. Glad I won’t be seeing you in the crucible on my side of the consoles.

@Josef uhh 55 kills in a single game? Hunter OP forreal. Nice job!

PSN: JohnOnTheRocks
DT Crucible Rank: #17,804
DTR PvP Score: 13,196

Didn’t know about this before but now I’m pretty obsessed with these rankings.

Nice @JohnOnTheRocks! I updated mine above. I’m getting better, but you guys are ballin.