Destiny Update Best So Far

For those who have not been logging in and have not checked it out yet this update is pretty sweet. There is now match making for the weeklies which is nice since it really is just a level 30 strike at this point. Shotguns have become great for PVE. The real shine is the mobile app. You can now through the mobile app transfer anything from any character no matter where you are. This means if you left your Ice Breaker on your Titan but are doing a strike or raid with your Hunter you can transfer on the spot through the mobile app. You simply open the character on the app that you wish to grab the item. Hit the item details and transfer to bank. Open your current toon on the app and go to the vault, hit the details and transfer to toon. Wallah! you will see it pop instantly on your screen and find it in your inventory. No longer the need to go to tower > drop it off > change toons > go to tower and grab. Finally Bungie did something right.

In other news Xur is selling both Jack AND Shit this week


Hell ya! I’ve been dieing to get my hands on some Jack and Shit. It’s about time!

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That sounds awesome! I can’t wait to see the stuff they add for house of wolves. These are the things that people are asking for which will make their new content shine.

I haven’t played in forever… most likely since October but I’ll have to log in and check it out.