Destiny Veterans Day Event

Greetings Guardians,

Today is Veterans day and I need your help to honor our heroes. I am looking for people who would be willing to run players that we find on Reddit through the nightfall or weekly heroic. I ask for your help guardians, adding one extra to your group would be great. If you solo them, then you could take two in before beating the boss. Anything to help.

Please post here if you are willing to help and the times you would be available.

Thanks for your time guardians and spread the word. We are doing this in the Spirit of Veterans Day. The Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airman of this country keep watch over us 24/7, let’s honor them by keeping watch over our fellow Guardians.

See you there!

I’m down to help with this (plus I also need the Nightfall :smile: )

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I’m running through the nightfall right now(and 2 times after) if any strats people want to join up before i post on reddit!
Psn: Digitull

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Would you mind if we made a big post for veterans to join up on you? We want to get out going and you could start it out😉

Yea, you should do it fast because i just got to the boss

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@tommy2118! @vocino! We need a hero! My phone is not good enough for Reddit making!

If you made post on Reddit could you change it to come to the website after we got a page up? We are going to make a big post for all the people helping out. You could just call your original reddit post veteran nightfall giveaway.

Where does a post like that go? /r/fireteams or just /r/destinythegame link me to the page once its up and ill see what i can do.

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I’m on it.

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I think vovino has got it. Sorry we should have got this together sooner. It was a last minute idea, thanks so much for helping out.

I’ll just do what i do best and try not to kill the boss so fast this time.

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Post is up here:

Might be worth putting an xpost in r/fireteams too (labelled as such so people don’t get pissy ;))

Wow, /r/destinythegame already deleted my post.

They probably claim it violates rule 10. I think the mod team expects all group-forming to be in r/fireteams

Ok, posting there =/

Edit: ok it’s been crossposted to

Already #3 on r/fireteams :wink:

Maybe someone could add the spiffy flag to the sign-up post to dress it up? (Mobile)

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#genius, #getbacktomidterms

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Is this still going on? I would help out with any runs if needed