Destiny Wallpapers

I’ve been working on these for a while, finally got them all up. Enjoy.

I also posted a link up on reddit.


These are excellent, James. I threw you an upvote on reddit.

Thanks for sharing.

For some reason my computer refuses to load the page…

Are you using Internet Explorer…?

Here’s a direct link to the .zip file if you are still having issues.

These are awesome dude. Someone’s got some skills.

I hope not.



@Vocino, the fact that you even partially considered I might be using IE hurts a little :cry:


not sure why it doesn’t like my website… :frowning:

Its hosted on Github so…

Are you using Jekyll?

yup, but using a plugin to generate the code for my images so I’m doing the jekyll processing on my end and just uploading the static pages.

Gotcha. I use Middleman for (although I’m considering building a real site again using Jekyll instead).

Huh, I didn’t come across middleman in my research when moving to a static site generator. I’ll have to check it out.

I like it because I like Ruby. If you don’t, you won’t. :smile:

Couldn’t say, avast! hasn’t flagged a website in more than 6 months


Does it give you any details why its blocking my site? I haven’t seen this before.

Nope, that’s all it’s giving me. --Since I can’t actually see the page, is there an add or something it might be flagging because of?–

nm, just pulled the site up on my mac to see wtf avast! was on about; I have no idea what it’s freaking out about.

huh, yea I have no idea. Getting some down votes on reddit, wonder if other people are having the same issue. This is why I don’t trust antivirus software companies, they’re just as much of a hindrance as the hackers.

So Destiny-lfg informed me that a few of the individual download links were broken, fail on my part. I fixed that and talked to Avast this morning to have my site removed from their blacklist: it was an error. Those were probably the cause of the down votes on reddit. Scrapped the post and reposted.

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Oh, wow. These look incredible! Thanks for these, @James_Eilers. You did an amazing job.

I just saved a bunch cause I can’t pick a favorite just yet! (I also voted you up on Reddit, too.)

I needed some new wallpapers for my MacBook + these fit the bill perfectly!