Destiny: Was it Everything it was Destined to Be?



With the first release of Bungie’s highly anticipated action shooter settled into the gaming community, I can’t help but wonder… did Destiny really live up do all the hype or were we ripped off? I personally was quite a bit disappointed for I had been following the game’s progress all throughout its preparation as a dedicated fan like many others and upon finally being able to play it, I feel as though we didn’t truly get what we had been promised.

First of all, I’m sure others can relate to me when I say that I was under the impression that Destiny was going to be an open world. Now I’m no expert but most of the areas feel a bit more path oriented to me. Another feature I was really looking forward to was the ‘Tower’. The ‘Tower’ was described as a sort of hub where we could trade, shop, customize our ships, and much more. With most of the area still off limits, many of the features that excited me were really lacking their luster or simply unavailable. The campaign- though entertaining, was a little too short. While we did expect for the storyline to be rationed out in many installments, I feel that they could have given us a bit more in this chapter.

Now I will swing in the other direction for a moment and state how I was very much pleased with the Strikes and Raids, though at times the reward system seemed slightly bogus. I believe I had been doing a run through “The Summoning Pits” mission and one fireteam member and I had basically carried our third member the entire way. This game somehow found it appropriate to grant many deaths and few kills with legendary equipment and the opposite with common. Other than that rare occurring incident, the Strikes and Raids are still greatly entertaining and worth the hype.

The Crucible, I should be a bit iffy about but surprising I have nothing but praise for it. Personally, as an avid gamer I am extremely competitive. I mean to the point where my Xbox reputation was at “98% avoided you”. I wouldn’t say that I am a sore loser, just a highly motivated winner. PvP game modes (especially shooters) have always had a special place in my heart but for some reason, unlike other games such as Call of Duty or Halo, I wasn’t having the best of lucky with Destiny’s PvP. I ended up doing pretty awful in every single Crucible match I was in yet it is so well put together that losing half the matches and being killed left and right still turned out to be a positive experience for me. Even when going on a 6 or 7 death streak, finally landing those headshots with your scout rifle just feels so satisfying.

Lastly, the character creation did not disappoint. I mean, surely no one would have complained if there were more options because honestly, who doesn’t enjoy customizing their own player? Nonetheless, I feel as long as a game offers at least 5 options for head, eyes, torso, etc. you can’t really go wrong with character creation. So even with the good features we do have and the promise of more to come, was Destiny really worth the wait? With what you expected and what you received, how would you rate the game? Is it worth getting our hopes up for the next chapter or should Bungie call it a day? I personally think the next installment will bring us a bit more to work with but only time will tell.

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Another great write up. You had me scared reading this. I’ve played Destiny since release and I still really enjoy it. The events and raids always keep me coming back.


You know, I wasn’t disappointed by this game at all when it launched. I felt I was delivered pretty much what I was promised. Now in all games with a decent amount of Hype preceding them, our expectations are going to outweigh the reality of launch because our minds have had so much time to let our imaginations run away with ideas. But as for Destiny, I found myself quite happy with what I was presented.

I think it says a lot about the game that you can still manage to enjoy yourself, even when you’re losing. But I just wanted to ask if you’re paying close attention to your build? Are the stats on your gear the right stats for the abilities you are using? And are you using the appropriate weapons.

I only ask because it seems your background is more in shooters than RPGs and Destiny is a blending of the two. While the stats on gear may seem minute, they will add up to your advantage if you play your cards right.


I definitely found that each mission was very similar, hidden behind a different landscape. Felt more like a grind than a game…