Destiny Weekly Update #1

Greeting Guardians

This is weekly update number one. These posts will be updates to what the Strats clan has been up to this week. Come by every week for the quick and dirty of all the happenings and good info! Lets get into it :wink:

A Special Thanks

A big thanks to everyone creating content on the forums and doing great work in Destiny. I would really love to thank @auth, @Brutonium, @JohnOnTheRocks, @lazybum965,and @NVS_1 for great posts and forums presence.

Have You Seen These NUMBERS

Our clan has grown so much since Destiny has come out and we can only thank you all for joining us. We are currently at 173 members. This is crazy. On top of that we are the alliance lead for six other clans. We want to keep this amazing growth up. We need your help to get to 200 members, so please invite your friends, spread the word, and upvote our post in R/Fireteams.

Great Stuff This Week

Check out some of the great posts this week. Starting with what Xur had this week because you only have until Sunday morning. Head over and discuss some exotic weapons here. Don’t forget to check out the patch notes of weapon changes and discuss it here. Then when you are done head over and watch @auth counter snipe with rockets(cause he can’t snipe).

Looking for a raid group?

Don’t forget Guardian Down is looking for a primary member for their raid group. This could be your chance! Don’t forget to express yourself. If you want a new raid group tell people, others might be looking too.

Keep It Alive!

Dont forget about these great posts on Strats. Go over and Show off your finest Crucible moments. Find out how to cheese Atheonlike a douche bag (I am a douche bag). Head over here and show off your favorite gear.

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