Destiny Weekly Update (11/8/14)

Greetings Guardians

This is your weekly update. This is the place to get the latest on what Strats is up to on Destiny. Here we talk about where the clan is moving, anything cool that happens, and how the raids are going. Check back each week for updates. :smile:


Our membership is growing. As of right now we have 193 people following our clan and our membership is up to 178. Thank you all for your membership and remember we are not full yet. Be sure to give a like to the weekly posts on Reddit for the clan.

We Want to Make YOU Famous

We are looking to start creating content for the Strats. You can help us grow by sending in your triumphs, your fails, and your guides. We want to grow this clan and make you famous, help us do it. There are huge benefits to recording your good stuff.

  • Strats gets video to use for marketing ourselves (this brings more
    cool people to us and in tern brings you more cool people to game

  • You, the video author, get a nice epic cut of your video that you can

  • You will always be listed and shown as the player in the video and
    youโ€™ll be promoted as such.

  • You will get the gamer recognition and credit from around the web. Like @JohnOnTheRocks :wink:

  • Strats will promote the video and spend real money on promotion.

Donโ€™t Know How to Record?

All Playstation 4โ€™s have recording built right in. Head over and take a look our guide. This guide outlines how to save videos when you are playing at any time, this way you can save anything cool that happens. Be sure to send your best videos to @Vocino, so he can edit them and help get you noticed.

Raid Time

Guardian Down PS4

Guardian Down is currently completing the hard mode raid. Members are still working on getting to level 30, so there is progress to be made. Here is there schedule.

  • Tuesday 6pm EST (Hard Mode Clear)
  • Thursday 6pm EST (Make Up Day)
  • Saturday 4pm EST (Make Up Day)

Raid Team Bravo (Recruiting) PS4

We are currently recruiting for primary and secondary members. We are clearing the vault in and hour and a half normally. We are looking to take on Hard Mode soon, so everyone is getting to 29. Apply here. Here is our schedule.

  • Thursday 8pm EST (Normal Mode Clear)

Raid Team Ebola PS4

If you are looking to get involved with a new raid group check this out. This is our newest team created by @Droul, head over and apply. The schedule is being worked on, so get in while you can.

  • Thursday Night (Normal Mode Clear)
  • Saturday (Make up Day)
  • Sunday (Make up Day)

Great update as always!

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