Destiny Weekly Update #2

Weekly Update

Greetings Guardians

This is the weekly update. This is the place to go every week to find out whats going on in the world of Destiny and Strats.

Big Changes

This week we got a look into the next update that will be coming for Destiny. This includes a second way to get to level thirty. This will be great for those of you that love the PvP and allow everyone to look a little different.

Your Favorite Sketchy Guy

Xur came by this week with some sweet loot that I’m sure a lot of you bought. Head buy the post and discuss what you bought, while your there find out what others bought.

Upcoming Events

This week we are going to be kicking off an event on the forums. Each week we will have a discussion of our favorite items for each slot. This week we are going to be starting with primary weapons. This is your chance to talk about your favorite find and tell us how you got it. We want to hear your side of the story, so we can try some new items out.

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ohh man I really want to play with you guys but my damn hands are still hurting. blasted weak body I gotta do something about this!

All that bad😞

Good to hear from you L0ken! Hope you are making progress.

@Dynamible what do you think about adding the regular raid team schedules to this post? Nothing fancy, just a time and a link back to the raid teams thread. I think it will help everyone keep it straight without having to do a lot of diggin.


Raid Team Alpha - Mon 8-10 CST

Or something like that.

Great idea. I was also going to try to get into the habit of linking to your Light guide whenever the raid posts talk about level requirements.

I think that is a good idea. I was thinking about that before. I just don’t know what do with these really.

Me being a member of the Destiny clan, I care more about your updates as the clanmaster about people and raid teams than patch notes. Tech is great but I think there are discussions about that regardless.

Further, I want to hear about the accomplishments of raid teams and thus the clan as a whole. The personal connection to these guys doing cool stuff and downing big bad guys. How are they progressing? What are their challenges? Do they have it on farm status or are they taking days to complete it? What are they working on?

How has membership changed? Active members? Videos and marketing?