Destiny Weekly Update #3

Weekly Update

Welcome Guardians. This has been a big week for our clan with tons of good stuff going on! Lets get right into it.

We Have A Celebrity

As I’m sure all of you know @JohnOnTheRocks is a beast. Check out the post here. The video was edited by our very own @Vocino. It was then featured on and that is direct link to the article. His next goal is to win a team skirmish with a team of titans using melee. Good luck and God speed.

Do You Even Light Bro?

This week @tommy2118 made a great post about light. It outlines what it is and how to get to level 30, so check that out.

Lets Get Noticed

This week we have been on the front page of some big Destiny Subreddits, these include /r/DestinyTheGame and /r/Fireteams. These are getting us noticed and helping us gain members. Lets keep this up! If you do something amazing post here about it and we can help each other get big. @JohnOnTheRocks got big from thinking ourside the box. @tommy2118 got on the fron page of /r/DestinyTheGame by giving a indepth right up about the game mechanics. @Dynamible got to the front page of /r/Fireteams by giving away hard mode Atheon check points. Lets keep this up by sharing your ideas and making it happen!

Raid Time

Guardian Down PS4

Guardian Down is currently completing the hard mode raid. Members are still working on getting to level 30, so there is progress to be made. Here is there schedule.

  • Tuesday 6pm EST (Hard Mode Clear)
  • Thursday 6pm EST (Make Up Day)
  • Saturday 4pm EST (Make Up Day)

Raid Team Bravo (Recruiting) PS4##

We are currently recruiting for primary and secondary members. We are clearing the vault in and hour and a half normally and looking to take on Hard Mode. Apply here. Here is our schedule.

  • Thursday 8pm EST (Normal Mode Clear)

Raid Team Ebola PS4

If you are looking to get involved with a new raid group check this out. This is our newest team created by @Droul, head over and apply. This is the schedule they are looking at.

  • Thursday Night (Normal Mode Clear)
  • Saturday (Make up Day)
  • Sunday (Make up Day)

Between Teams Guardian Down, Bravo, and Ebola, which consoles are these teams for? There are a lot of teams out there and its confusing which ones are for which consoles.

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Sorry man, your right. I just changed it.

I wish I had more likes to give this post. Great job.


Thanks man. I’m just trying to get us big.

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