Destiny xpac May 19



Get your Guardian ready! Actually, I barely played the first xpac.


Ohhhhh snap! Blink (@blinkbrac,) have you seen this yet?!

Looks amazing. I might have to blow the dust off of my copy of Destiny just for this.


I’m stoked! You know they got some crazy riches too.


This won’t include a raid. They are saving it for the next content expansion. Instead it’s including a 3 person coop arena mode. Gee…


No raid? What a waste of an expansion.


I’m waiting to see what all is included with this. I already have the season pass, but it’s supposed to be a big expansion, so I’m still excited to see what we get.


I think they are trying to change the mechanic of the game and give players a reason to play more then once a week.


I haven’t completed a Destiny raid yet so I’m ok with that!


Do you think this would be a good point to get into Destiny? And does anyone here play it on PS4? I’ve heard if you don’t have a team ahead of time, its not as fun.


We had a huge Destiny team at one point. Many of us still have the game but have moved on. The problem was content eventually dried up as far as PVE. PVP doesn’t really require a lot of PVE, you can still gear up from it.

Destiny has to find a better entry point for new players. As of now you have to buy the base game and the current expansion to do everything. When House of Wolves launches, would a player have to pay for the Dark Below just to do that raid and play on the multiplayer maps/ like two instances? I mean if you had House of Wolves you could just get junk common gear to boost past the level cap from Dark Below and go straight to HoW content.


Hmm, I think I’ll just go with The Witcher 3.


I will note that Destiny has been one of the top streamed games on Twitch during the evenings for the past week or so (only been keeping note for that long). So someone is still playing. Think it had about 9,000 viewers last night.

My complaint with Destiny was that you eventually required friends to do the high level stuff. I do believe matchmaking was added for the daily/weekly high level Strikes but I had stopped playing by then. My gaming experience might be better now. For a new player, though, I would likely suggest Witcher over Destiny. Maybe if you can find Destiny on sale and see if you enjoy the base game first.

When I check Twitch in the mornings it’s usually Street Fighter 4 in the top 10. Currently 5,751 viewers. And the PC release of GTA5 has skyrocketed that game to 80k viewers.


ProfessorBroman is most likely the reason why Destiny gets a lot of viewers. He is an incredibly popular streamer that is apart of the Wobblers twitch group. I’m sure there are people who watch Destiny being played but they are mostly there for the streamer regardless of the game they play. That’s why you’ll see incredibly weird games spike the top 5 for a few hours.

Also I suggest going with the Witcher. Sorry Destiny players :stuck_out_tongue:


One thing Destiny has taught me is never ever Season Pass EVER. I’m still mad at myself over buying season passes for games. Obviously they are a great business tactic in gaming. Sell it at a discount to make them feel like they have to buy it and get the extra money now. Most likely they won’t be playing six months down the line when we actually release content promised for the Season Pass.

I didn’t even download the Dark Below…


Destiny is one of the best shooters mechanically EVER. It is incredibly smooth and every gun has a different feel when you are shooting. I am playing Borderlands at the moment which I love and is super fun but it has nothing on Destiny as far as the feel and smoothness of the game. There are a ton of people still playing Destiny and you do not need a group. I can get a group any time of the day for almost anything I would feel like doing. You want to bang out 3 straight Nightfalls on all 3 of your characters? Go to DestinyLFG or Reddit and look for a post or make one yourself. I almost always find someone else wanting to do the same. You want to go hit the old Vault of Glass? Make a post or go look for one. Basically you do not need a group. You can always find one through these websites and I have almost never run into any douchebags while using these methods to get groups. Now the story sucks in Destiny no doubt but I play for gameplay. If I can spacebar my way through a cutscene I will (I know, I know…gasp). There will be a raid released soon after the xp releases. They just will not be doing that right away.


I shouldn’t have to use 3rd-party websites, especially in a console game, to form my groups. Especially when matchmaking is already provided for lower-tier Strikes and PvP.

Although I deleted that portion of your post, I’m not sure I agree with you about Borderlands. My preference is for Borderlands. But I was never a fan of the Halo series either.


PUG raid’s would be terrible @teh_ninjaneer ! It only works for MMO’s like WoW because they buff your people so hard it’s impossible to lose no matter how dysfunctional you are. If Destiny did something like this, they might as well have a vendor outside the raid giving out free gear.

:confused: I know they are learning a lot but I feel like every move Bungie makes is bad one with Destiny. You can tell they want to think outside of the box but people just keep resisting it. I am curious about the 3 person arena thing they are making though. That type of horde mode stuff is always fun with friends.

I agree the gunplay is smooth, they are good at making the crucible fun. Is it more balanced? When I played the auto rifle was the only way to go.


I’m ok with the raids requiring coordination, my complaint was the Nightfalls. Like I said above, I think I read that was changed recently, but not certain on that. But that was a big turnoff for me once I reached high enough level to start them. I would log on and have to hope that people on my friends list were online, available and ready to play so I could get some gearz.

I don’t mind missing raids if I can’t make the schedule. But don’t hinder me from getting the gear on my own time.


@teh_ninjaneer so you didn’t like that when you logged on there were not enough “friends” online for you to do the higher content, yet you feel a matchmaking website that helps you play this content AND maybe helps you grow your friends list with people actually playing this game shouldn’t be necessary? Seems like a double edged sword there.


Looking forward to it!