Destiny: You Can't Spell Angry Without RNG



Yesterday I finally got enough Vanguard marks to buy my first piece of legendary armor, so I chose a Chest piece, since it had the most Defense for the cost.

That got me to lvl 27. Then some friends carried me through Crota’s End in hard mode, to try to get me another piece of armor. That was a trip. I could not damage anything, so I just tried not to die very much. At the end, guess what I got? The Willbreaker’s CHEST PIECE. Just what I didn’t need. Thanks, Crota!

Now, I really would like The Last Word hand cannon that Xur is selling this weekend, but I only have 8 Strange Coins. I’m not sure if I should convert my Motes of Light and Radiant Shards to get more SC for it or not? Any thoughts/advice on that would be appreciated.

My plan this weekend is to get my ass kicked in the Crucible as much as possible, to get as many Strange Coins as I can. As you can tell, I’m completely hooked.


Have you already completed the weekly at all? Completing the highest difficulty Weekly will get you 9 strange coins. granted I think it’s either level 30 or 32.

Have you maxed your marks out for the week? If not, run some strike playlists to max them out, and buy the cheapest Vanguard legendary armor. With maxed marks you should be able to purchase 2 legendary armors from the vanguard.

So wear your Willbreakers chest piece (Should have light 36 instead of 33 or 34, whatever the vanguard max is), so that fully leveled will be your best bet (Don’t trade in your Radiant shards, you’ll need those to level that chest piece - Maybe keep your Radiant energies to convert them to shards if needed).

With your Willbreakers chest piece and another piece of legendary gear from the vanguard, that should start to get you up there. You’re at least level 27 right now, so get some friends to drag you through VoG. You’ll get lower leveled legendary gear, but you’ll get ascendant mats, and at least the gear is designed to get you to level 30, so it’ll be better than any Rare (Blue) armor you’re wearing.

If you have the motes to support it, try your luck with an Exotic Helmet engram from Xur. This should get you high enough to do a reasonably high leveled Weekly which might net you some legendary armor, but will get you more strange coins.


Edit: Do you have HoW DLC? If so, do Petra Vanj bounties, but regardless of whether you’ve completed her bounties or not, explore the areas like Skywatch and Forgotten Shores in the Cosmodrome, or The Citadel in Venus, and there’s a few other areas. Hang around and you’ll see messages pop up saying “The Wolves are prowling”. These are mini events where after you kill the 4 or 5 waves of Wolves then you get an Etheric Key. You have 1.5min to find a yellow glowing chest hidden somewhere in that zone. There’s generally 4 or 5 spots that they’ll spawn so get up high and look.

The reason why I’m suggesting the Wolves bounties is because these chests have the potential to drop legendary items. Prior to the HoW of launch I was doing Petra’s bounties and in about 15 wolves runs I ended up finding 4 legendary engrams. Might be a better payout than the crucible.


I have a pre-HoW maxed out Last Word. I never saw it as a big deal in PvP, I prefer Thorn. That said, I’ll gladly help run you through the weekly on whatever level you need/can do it on. I should be on tonight around 7-ish CST, and hopefully most of tomorrow night/some Sunday morning and evening.


Also, the Vanguard Armor now has the same Light level as the Crota armor, pre-etheric light. I have HOW chest and hat, and Crota gloves and boots, and it makes you 32, with no exotic. Basically with the Vanguard and raid gear, mix and match based on looks and which ammo type it gives you. Do not wear two of the same pieces that give you the same additional ammo, since they don’t stack.


Thanks for the help, guys!

We did do the Weekly on the 2 levels I could do, so I got 6 coins from that. I can’t do the hardest mode yet.

I have not maxed out my marks, but I have 7 on me, and I can only get 64 more, which gets me only 71, until Tuesday (right?), so I wouldn’t get enough to buy anything until then.

I was thinking I’d do Crucible, cause I can still get 75 of those marks (which is a lot of time in the Crucible, I know…) to buy gauntlets or something from the Faction vendor, and also have a shot at getting Strange Coins. Although, I just realized, I still need to get my Faction rep up to Level 1…

But it sounds like you both are saying to not worry about the hand cannon, and focus more on getting gear to level up. If that’s the case, I have enough SC and ML to buy the gauntlets Xur is selling, right now.


If you lose every match it would take you roughly 3 hours to get 75 marks, close to 7 to get 150, and since they added all the extra goodies to the crucible rewards table, probably totally worth your time.

I never dip below 20 or so Strange Coins if I can help it just in case Xur sells something I absolutely must have. Building that base is probably a good goal.

And yes, Light Level is more important than weapons. Getting weapons is the hard part though, so that’s good.


Sorry, I didn’t think you were a Titan, and I was thinking Warlock (my main) which is why I suggested the Exotic Helm Engram rather then just outright purchasing some guaranteed 36 light gloves. Get those for sure.


@NVS_1 has got it down pack. If we can get you through the weekly heroic, then you will have enough man.


I did come across them before, but could not do any damage, I guessed because I was lower level. I’ll keep my eye out for them this weekend, now that I’m somewhat higher.

@ohnokenzilla and @Dynamible, thanks for the offers of help with the Weekly strike, but I’ve done both levels that I can do already. Maybe next week! :slight_smile:


If you’re with other people, hang nearby. Once the target is killed you’ll still get an Etheric key because you’re in the vicinity. I did one where a level 13 guy was bunkered down nearby and once we killed the target, he shot off to find the chest so I’m fairly certain he had the key as well.