Destiny's creators made the game less addictive – and players rebelled

Bungie tried to proactively migrate away from the potentially addictive nature around some of the game play features of the original Destiny with the sequel, but looks to have relented via the new Forsaken update due to strong player feedback.


This is one of the first things I noticed about Destiny 2 last year. You only needed to play a minimum amount each week and then you could move on to a different game. But the hardcore Destiny players complained. They wanted that reason to keep playing their Destiny for hours each day.

But now, with Forsaken, there is almost too much to do.

At least it gives you plenty of options.

I was actually in the camp of “what’s the point in playing if I can’t get progression?” while simultaneously being annoyed that I wanted to play but felt like it was a waste of time since I was locked out of progression on a weekly cooldown.