Destruction MP Expansion

Barely a month after release and there’s already a multiplayer “expansion” released. I haven’t tried it yet but the description leads me to believe there’s new hidden areas and new monsters that fight both the party and other monsters.


you are giving far too little info here

It’s the only info I have at the moment. It’s only a 700MB download and sick kids are preventing me from playing.

According to Origin.
It adds new paths to Elven Ruins, Orlesian Chateau, and Tevinter Ruins. As well as adding wildlife to the zones that will attack both friend and foe.

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Haven’t gotten a chance to play this yet, but I’m hoping to sink my teeth into it this weekend (after getting a little burned again from Destiny…) as well as possibly playing a little Loadout? I’ll check back in when I’ve seen more.

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It’s pretty nice just more adds that can help or hurt you, I do feel they made MP a lil easier played 4 games and each game we passed the 5th zone so it was kinda cool. Btw there is a weekend event going on, get 100 kills with staves and get 100 kills with axes.

Even though small, this update is really promising of what is to come.

I agree 100%

Well it could be that you’re just getting better at it. Also, what level are you and what difficulty are you playing. Once you get a class up to about 8, routine gets really easy and the rewards are diminished also, so it’s time to move up to the next difficulty (I think it’s called Threatening)

For 2 games I played my lvl 4 reaver, who is now 6 or 7 I think, and that party didn’t have anybody over level 6. Then for 2 games I played my templar which started at level 1, and even then we had 1 level 9 and the other 2 were 6 and 4.

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I noticed something similar last time I played. I was on a 3 Seeker. I think we had a level 6, and I know we had a level 1. The other was 3-4 I believe. We finished the map and no one fell. As far as I know, none of us were using voice chat. Things definitely felt easier.

I’m not sure man, the first two I did on launch night I completed, then failed several more miserably

It seems to be a bit more difficult this week

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I found that if you dont have competent team members, then you won’t pass the 5th stage for sure. I have found out that the higher difficulties are most definitely hard as hell and seem to scale quite a bit.

@DrizztDo_Urden69 we are crushing face in here


Jelly i got the lady over and cant play with you guys

Hell yeah, hurry up and catch up yo :stuck_out_tongue: level 14 is my highest person.

16 is my highest on MP :smiley:

I needa focus on one character I have like 3 or 4 that are 10+ lol

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I played today with @Vocino @Nubhugs aka Apache and @spredhed. It was my first time playing MP and it was an absolute blast. Can’t wait to hop on again!