Deus Ex: Mankind Divided



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Square Enix’s interactive reveal ended today. That isolated man, who went through several interrogations was actually the one making the calls.

Everyone had their suspeciouns about what the game was going to be. The whole feel and look of the stream screamed futuristic. Instagram videos suggesting the idea of revolutions, and the possible reveal of Deus Ex from Game Informer. It was pretty obvious a new Deus Ex was coming.
Hell, when I told my brother about the reveal, he immediately said that it was Deus Ex.

Stunning and beautiful. The reveal was worth it, and it was fun too. Created a lot of hype, and people were extremely excited. The stream broke out in conversation.

Hope you guys enjoyed the content.


A million times YES!


Excellent, a shame it leaked out before they could finish the entire Twitch promotion. Very unique way to deliver. Blending promotions with the real world through twitch and instagram makes things much more realistic.

Here’s hoping they keep stealthy options like previous games.


curiosity is a pretty good way to hype up ppl. pretty good


Me Gusta! Me Gusta! Can I play this now?!


I cannot WAIT for this. ;-; My body is ready.