Diablo 3 Builds: where can I find them?



Where are good locations to find builds. I am afraid of the Blizzard forums. :wink:

Diablo 3 Power-leveling and Grinding (PC)

I started on this website looking at popular skills and such; it paints a good picture of who’s using what skills as which profession. From there, it’s theorycraft and strong opinions on ambiguous information everyone’s constantly trying to data mine, keep up with, and generally understand :wink:

The most important thing to remember with high-end Diablo builds is they are almost-entirely driven by your gear; if you don’t have the full set, you can’t optimally use a build that demands it. Understanding what skills interact well with one another and the gear you have is far more critical to your success than looking at someone else’s build guide. I encourage everyone to play around with skills and see what they think about them; there’s way more than one way to down a Rift Guardian :wink: