Diablo 3 clan setup



Hey all
I start fresh on Americans server. I take the privilege to set up a clan.
The tag is “strats” and the name is "StratsCO"
I just reserve the name in one way. If there will be some interesting in members I can disband or to give the GM function

My tag is nolani#2389
I just start fresh season hero. I have disable Loking for members function so only invite works if somebody wants to join


For anyone interested in assistance getting a Season 3 character going, I am quite far along (549 Paragon levels) and could easily push you to 70 in short order so you can jump right into the actual game without having to grind out a character through the boring part :wink:

Also, @Nolani23, go ahead and invite me to the clan: Auth#1692


Great :blush:
Just send you an invite


I’m actually going to go ahead and download this and start playing again.
I’m still pretty newbie to Diablo 3 though but I really do love this game.
I think playing with others, and not by myself, would make this a really fun time for me.


Cool, I didn’t even know Diablo had clans.


It serves almost 0 purpose other than allowing you too drool over each other’s loot :wink:


Ah, that makes sense.


I’m just about to make a non-seasonal character just to play and get used to again.
I’ve always loved these types of games and may make Diablo 3 one of those long-term games I’ll play for awhile.
And if you’re okay with my newbiness, feel free to make me create a seasonal character with you!

My battletag is iAddison#1535 if anyone wants to add me/wants me in the clan =)


Season character is best character! Seriously though, there’s no good reason to make a non-season since there are season-only drops that are amazing. I can help you get 70 right fast and then you can start the gear hunt in adventure mode :wink:


I can only recomend @auth help…its so quick in 20 min you will be level 70


Hey @Nolani23, I’m thinking about doing some recruiting to the Diablo clan. What’s the structure of it? Are you still working with it? If not, are you interested in transferring it to me or @Auth?


Hey. Yes sure I can transfer to you or @auth
Just not sure if I can give a GM function? Or I have to disband the guild first. But yea i make me a leader just for the name and to start something.


If you’re still playing and being involved, no reason to switch.


Albion is now main game for me :blush:…but when alpha is over yes I will stil olay D3