Diablo 3 Power-leveling and Grinding (PC)



Since there’s been a bit of an uptick in Diablo 3 interest today, I’m going to be on power-leveling characters and grinding gear for a bit; hit me up if you want in on the fun: Auth#1692 :wink:


Come on, Come on everyone :smiley:
I’m already in the game and you should join as well :3


Fantastic Time! Thanks Auth… My Crusader is pretty badass looking and will only get better!


I moved a post to a new topic: Diablo 3 Builds: where can I find them?


Ha Got Focus and Leoric’s Crown off the blood gem vendor today in two visits. Now to read about enchanting…


Nice @MrSavage

I’ll be able to play more Diablo starting n ext week then MUCH MORE the following week.
2 weeks and I’m sort of jobless, unless my mother’s employee (Who’s my manager) can fork up some evenings for me to work.