[Diablo 3] StratsCo Clan [PC]



Season 7

The new season dropped on August 5th, and Strats is heading back to Sanctuary to put Diablo & Co. back in their place :wink:

Put your Battletag on the master list, shoot a message to Auth#1692 on BattleNet or drop a comment here for a clan invite, then hop on Discord; great loot, cosmetic swag, and a bonus stash tab await you!

I’m posting this to post it elsewhere. Don’t be a hater, play Diablo. —Taylor Swift

Diablo 3 - Season 4
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Well that was abrupt
Hi, I'm Matt (XtasyArmada)

Seriously though, she does hate you; she hates everyone. Also, if you need a hand getting going in the season, we’ve got several capable power-levelers around that can have you to 70 in short order :wink:


Join up for some great times!!! Ill also be on the PTR later on today to try out my next seasons character.


Well, I mean if Taylor Swift endorses it…


firewhiskey#6766 :slight_smile:


add ardele#1154 ill be going nutz in season 4 on the mage


@tompicazo14, looks like you’ve got some new peeps to run with.


It appears I can’t invite you to the clan unless you’re on my friend list somewhere (or I’m an idiot and can’t find the button; this UI is terrible sometimes). If you get a request from Auth#1692, please accept it and I’ll get you invited :wink:


I’d have to catch up since I only have a 45 non-season monk, but I’m interested in playing.



Hey I’m interested in joining RunBMC#1245


worst game by blizzard >__<!


Worst/Best, you mean. Which are the most addictive.


Mine is Rusk #1803, I dont have a new season char yet but will be working on one this week to give myself a break from Albion when I get tired.


One of us can powerlevel you to 70 real quick to get you going if you want.




That would be sweet, Im downloading it right now.


I think my battletag is Milez#1585. I’m still getting used to the blizzard way of things lol.


Hey there! My battletag is Azoth#1906 and i’m looking for a friendly and active clan for myself and some friends. We play semi-casually but would certainly love to get into the game more. Not as active now, taking a break before the patch hits, but will certainly be more active after. Hope to hear from you and meet some new players soon!


For those that might have missed it, it’s Season 5! The list of changes is intense for patch 2.4.0, but there are so many cool things. Most notably,by playing the season you are guaranteed a 6-piece set by completing a series of achievements as well as the ability to unlock a permanent new stash tab for non-season!

Per usual, I went ham and even though the season only just dropped Friday night I’m over paragon level 300 and soloing T10 and GR 35+ like it’s nothing. Hit me up if you need some powerleveling or company; we’ll see you in Tyria :wink:


As with @Auth I’m high up there as well being almost 500 pLvl and able to solo 65+ GR so if you need any help let me know