[Diablo 3] StratsCo Clan [PC]



I am also available if someone need power leveled. My battletag is Wayward and some numbers . . . Just join the clan.


Best post ever!!


I made a Witch Doctor. He is glorious. Power level was even faster this season.


I’d love to get into the Strats Diablo clan Vilegrin1465 is my tag


I shot you a friend request; next time I catch you on the game I can get you that clan invite :wink:


Season 7 is gogogo! In between playing Albion Online and getting back into school/work, I’m going to play enough to get my cosmetic swag and my bonus stash tab; hit me up if you need an invite or a hand (Auth#1692) :wink:




Sign me up. Daydreamin #1985


What’s up!

I played the first five seasons, then took a hiatus. I would be more than happy to get back in and FINALLY run with people.

My Battletag is Skullflower#1264

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


Running with @Auth and @Diacuss is fun. They’re Diablo beasts.


Awesome to hear thw next season is up. Will be starting when I get back sometime this weekend.