Diablo III Blind Playthrough - Help!



Soooo … I start my official blind PS4 playthrough of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls tomorrow morning!

(I set up my usual ‘Viewers Choice’ poll + it’s what my audience picked for me to play. :smile:)

Does anyone have any (non-spoilery) tips or general advice for me?


Oh wow. A full blind play through starting at zero is not easy.

It will be helpful to know how your class works and what gear it needs. The thing with Diablo is you won’t necessarily be able to go from start to finish in one play through. Diablo is a gear grind game and you may have to play an act over and over to gear up so you can take on the next act.

@Auth, @Diacuss, @sorsko, @Majordomo, myself, and a couple others have been playing a lot of Diablo lately.


He I have never heard of the term blind play through. What is it, or do I need to watch to find out? :slight_smile:


I went to Battle.net to check out the different classes and I’m really leaning towards Demon Hunter.

I figured it wouldn’t be easy but I like a challenge! :blush:

Playing blind basically means that it’s a first ever play-through of a game. (Which means I won’t know any details about what I’m getting into! Haha.)


O nice thats sounds fun. Its a good game from what I have played and others have told me. I am trying to get my sister to get it so I got someone to play with haha good luck, might check it out. Where can I get a link?


Demon Hunter is a lot of fun. Any class can be viable, which is really helpful. I’ve been playing Crusader lately. I used to play a lot of Witch Doctor before the expansion. They’re all fun in their own way!


When leveling put a red gem in your helm as soon as you can for the XP boost. Also a red gem in your weapon. Your build might change depending on what legendaries you get. Unlike other games the modifiers are strong enough to be build changing early on. I personally prefer DH and Wizard on PS4 and Barb on PC. Barb can be fun on PS4 also, but missing a few items from the current season.


I strongly disagree. This seems valid and viable on the surface, but it pales in comparison to an Emerald for massive bonus critical hit damage.

For gems, I highly recommend an Emerald in the weapon, whatever gem provides you your primary stat in pants and chest (Emeralds for Dexterity on a Demon Hunter), and an appropriate helm gem depending on your needs (some builds necessitate cooldown reduction to be viable and require a Diamond, for example, while others benefit from additional tankiness via an Amethyst; some have no particular need, in which case a Ruby is probably your best bet to level faster).

All told, any class works and is fun (Demon Hunter is one of the strongest classes right now, FYI), but I advise against Witch Doctor as it’s a bit of a struggle-bus leveling up and it’s currently the weakest class in solo play.

Final tip: keep your follower geared (you’ll get one pretty quick and eventually have a few to choose from). Understand that they won’t do much damage, so utilize them for utility (select skills that cause roots/stuns/charms/etc. to make your fights easier). Itemization can do wonders in enhancing their viability as well (for example, a Wyrdward paired with a Thunderfury or Fulminator on the Templar to turn them into a stun-bot ;)).

Best of luck; hit us up if you run into any snags or have questions :wink:


Thanks so much for your assistance, everyone!

I’m super excited to start tomorrow. :relaxed: (And I’ll be sure to post here again if I have any questions!)

Here’s a trailer, @Frizack:


Emerald is good once you hit 70. Until then red is stronger. Eithe way I’m sure you’ll have fun!


Lol ty for the trailer but I have and do play hehe :smiley:


I blazed through Act 1 today. I’m officially hooked + it’s all Drizz’s fault. XD


I need to get back into Diablo 3 on the PS4. Played for a while, but slacked off a lot lately.

/me shakes fist at destiny