Diablo III(PS4)



Does anyone else have Diablo III:Ultimate Evil Edition? I just bought it and was interested in finding people to play with.

Looking for someone/guild to play anything with

I do but… I’m playing it on PC again. Blame @Auth.


yeah he told me to get it on PC but I’m a controller guy. So yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:



Actually, I just have a tight group of IRL friends and friends of friends that play on PC, so I don’t dabble on the console side. The real blame should go to @Nolani23; I had set the game back down after 2 weeks of an embarrassing amount of playing before he threw the post up about getting a clan going :wink:


I don’t see any reason you couldn’t use a controller on the PC. It’s the same amount of abilities.


I don’t know that the PC supports analog controller movement; I think it forces the mouse on you


But the PC version doesn’t have that nifty dodge roll like the consoles!


I wonder why that is.


My guess is that it’s just harder to move with the gamepad compared to mouse. Or else they wanted a little more action-combat on the console.


Actually, most people I’ve talked to prefer the game pad when they’ve tried both. Also, I am jelly of PS4’s ability to trade legendary gear with one another; it has some perks going for it, that’s for sure :wink:


Hihi I know I know but I see you on the stream you enjoy the game and on the guild meting when I see the replay I see in your eyes the joy of the word Diablo :blush: